Who we are

MAJ Construction

MAJ Construction Inc. Company differs in many ways from the typical construction company. We believe, as do our clients, that our distinct relationship building and dedication makes us better - and our reputation confirms that belief.

Our staff is second to none and works together as a cohesive team to move your project from concept to completion smoothly and with attention to detail. They understand that not only is completing your project timely important, but doing so correctly and accurately with integrity is above all the main objective.


They know your project represents a life change for you, and that your business is not merely a job site, but your dream/life. Our company and staff are committed to delivering the product of your dreams and making that experience as enjoyable, easy, and stress-free as possible for you.

We offer you the MAJ Construction Difference, which goes above and beyond what other commercial firms may provide. Each component of the Difference benefits our clients and the end result makes them so happy that they return for additional projects. Our commitment to you and your project allows us to say with confidence, “You’ll love the MAJ Construction Difference.”